Give Donations for Syrian war victim children who are sheltered less, no food, no clothes,  Please step and help for our rehabilitation program for Syrian refugees, we also looking volunteers from all over the world who can raise funds from their local areas and search new donors for collect donations, who can start campaign with team work. We need clothes, drinking water, medicines, food, dry milk, tents etc. 


Give Donations with us in this Ramadan Kareem.

Your Donations of Zaqat-Fidyah-Sadqa-Fitrana-Kaffarah-Hadyah will go to Shelter less , parents less children & women living in open sky , no food no shelter no cloths no drinking water , victim of war that included children, women, and old disabled persons, they need your help. Life care Foundation is a registered charity organization which is providing them food, shelter, medical treatment, education, dress, drinking water etc.

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