Construction of School

Life Care Foundation is running & constructing new schools in different cities of Pakistan, where a lot of school less children are getting academic and technical education daily we are providing them daily, Books, uniforms, stationery, playing facilities out & indoor games, well maintained accommodation of hostel with A/C & heating system, library for study, food, Gym for physical activities, maintenance & construction of new buildings also included etc. We need huge funds every month for all above mentioned services for this school’s projects country wide. We also need funds for purchasing land and construction of buildings for new schools and hostels. We need approx. monthly expenses, Start from, (1200000.00 to 36000000.00PKR 360000USD Approx.) You can send donations like ( Zaqat , Fidyah, Fitrana,Hadyah, sadqah ,kaffarah in Ramzan etc.) For more details you can contact us on Whatsapp, Skype etc.