Fundraising for poor’s


In addition to private donations and monthly commitments, Poverty Resolutions fundraisers to support our organization and Free hospital projects. Funds donated through charity events, as well as private donations, are used for organization costs, supplies and projects. One of the best ways to get involved with Poverty Resolutions is through fundraising—either our own events or through creating one of your own!

Do you have an idea for a fundraiser event? Would you like to raise funds on our behalf? Make a Personal Resolution to help end poverty! Personal Resolutions are fundraising events created by you—members of the greater Poverty Resolutions community. These events can be as simple as a bake sale or getting donations around running a race. Or you can create something larger, like one of our partners who is developing a support-raising campaign on her college campus. You can create your own place within our website for the duration of your fundraising and direct your supports to visit this online presence for more information, a photo or short video, and donation links. Check it out!

Our own fundraising events include the following:

Donate The Poor For Healthcare

For this fundraising effort, we ask folks to donate the shelter less disabled children. Rather than going out, we ask for donations equal to the value of what they would spend on a typical date, whether on a movie, dinner, a show, or whatever they would normally plan.