Sponsor a Child

SPONSOR AN ORPHAN CHILD WORLD WIDE PWF (poor welfare fund) uses innovative solutions that help children living in poverty reach their full potential. Worldwide, 570 million children are living in extreme poverty. Mothers and fathers struggle day to day to make ends meet for their families, and despite working to the bone, they frequently cannot afford essentials like food and clean water. Working with community- based partner organizations; we unite children, and their families to build a healthier life for all children and their communities. We focus on the developmental and protection needs of children through each stage of their life. PWF approach provides programs and services that have a proven positive impact in what children need long- term. Our direct work with children addresses a wide range of child protection issues. Harmful practices of child labor; violence in schools, homes and communities; corporal punishment; child marriages and lack of birth registration are to name a few. Issues in child safety not only harm children, but they also challenge progress in other areas, including health, education and economic livelihoods. Sponsoring a child through PWF allows you to give a child a chance at a life they deserve, and give a community the chance to be the best they can be. Abusive environments, keep children and youth from utilizing their rights to food, shelter, health care, education and more. Without your support, children will miss out on opportunities to break free from the cycle of poverty and lead fulfilling lives. Become part of a journey that will inspire you and others! What is Child Sponsorship? When you sponsor a child, you are providing not only hope for that child but the chance for their families and communities to thrive as well. Sponsoring a child with PWF can help change the world and fight poverty one child at a time. With the help of our local partnerships, PWF reaches children directly and involves parents, educators and the local government to help protect children’s rights to education, nutrition, clean water, sanitation, health care and other necessities. With your support we leave families and communities stronger and self-sustainable. How to sponsor a child? Although PWF approach to ending poverty starts within the community, we find a one-on-one experience with your sponsor child creates the most rewarding experience. Choose a child whose background and interests speak to you. Your monthly $54 sponsorship donation will be combined with others so that all children within the community can grow up safe, healthy and educated. Regularly correspond and build a relationship with your child through letters and pictures. Receive updates and even arrange to visit if you like. Smile and take pride knowing you have helped make the world a better place! Children need loving caregivers, health care, nutrition, clean water and sanitation, education, opportunity and safety. Your kindness will help communities fill those gaps for children. When we combine your donations with support from other sponsors of children within the same community, all the children will benefit, because their whole environment is being transformed. Benefits of sponsoring a child Connection: We are here to help facilitate connections with each other, the community and those in need. Supporting a child through sponsorship is a rewarding relationship for all involved. Significance: Some will sponsor to learn about other cultures. Others will sponsor to develop friendships with children and their families. No matter your reasoning you will significantly impact the lives several different people. Value: Sponsoring a child means to means being part of a solution. Make a valuable difference and give a child a brighter future today!