Story of Alishba

Donation Appeal of Kidney Transplant Operation For little angel Alishba. Her both kidneys was Failure. Donation appeal to wealthy and God fear peoples for kidney transplantation charges of a very poor 11 years old girl fighting with death at bed. Doctors have announced that she needs urgently kidneys transplantation otherwise she could not survive any more. Her father is an auto driver and hardly earn, (4$ to 5$ /Day). He cannot afford such high expenses of kidneys transplantation in local hospitals. She is blind due to kidney failure. We appeal for donations of transplantation charges approx. (27900$) in local hospitals. Appeal to all worlds’ soft heart corner peoples who want to give donations for right and deserving children. You can help her with  Zaqat, Fitrana, Fidyah, Kaffarah, Hadyah, Sadqah etc.