Story of Fiza

                                   “Fiza has Lungs cancer.”
These were not words her mother expected to hear about her active, 9 year-old daughter. The school girl 3rd-grader was busy with school, lessons and practice when her mother discovered a regular bleeding cough of the child’s. Antibiotics didn’t resolve the cough, and when coma appeared, more tests were ordered for FIZA. “I knew it was something serious, but I didn’t expect cancer,” says to her Mother. “When I got the call, I literally fell to the ground. I will never forget that day.” Lab tests & X-ray reports were diagnosed cancer. Her disease, acute lungs cancer, is one of the most common childhood cancers, and treatment typically includes two to three years of chemotherapy. She needs urgent cancer treatment for her rapidly growing Lungs cancer. Approx. cost of full treatment with surgery & chemotherapy in a local cancer hospital start ....From = ($36900 to $45000).